How can you build a secure network?

Steps to building a secure network? The first step to build a secure network is to capture a complete picture of the IT environment including all internal and external assets and vendor relationships. Every server, database, network device, application, and website (both in-house and cloud-based) needs to be included in the inventory. The exclusion of […]

Who cares about cybersecurity?

Who cares about Cybersecurity? Customers Customers care about the protection of their personal information (cybersecurity) and rely on the companies that they deal with to take the necessary steps to guard their data. Customers also care about the products and services being available when they want them and any security breach will hinder this ability. […]

10 Regulated Industries Benefitting from Network Monitoring

Industries that operate under compliance requirements established for their business need to implement Network Monitoring to control the entire IT infrastructure by identifying the compliance issues that need to be addressed in network operations. Many businesses and organizations in these regulated industries (especially small to mid-sized companies) face problem, fines or sanctions by not having […]

1992 Technology

Technology in 1992 In 2017 Global Link Communications, Inc. will be celebrating 25 years of providing communications and technology business solutions to wide range of clients.  As new technologies have evolved, our founders and staff have always found ways to best integrate the latest technologies to link businesses with their customers.  Our goal has always […]

Cloud based contact centers continue to grow

The importance of cloud-based Contact Centers systems continues to grow because of the convenience of implementation, reduction in operating costs, scalability, and the ability to easily integrate the latest technologies.with According to industry estimates, the overall contact center market (premise and cloud-based solutions) is expected to exceed $10 billion within the next five years. Recent research […]

Multi-Site Contact Centers – Can they work for your business?

Multi-Site Contact Centers Contact Centers are often the main point of communication between your company and your consumers…the lifeline of your business.  A Contact Center that integrates a comprehensive telephone system with customized software can generate sales leads, acquire new business, educate consumers, service the needs of existing customers, and improve customer satisfaction for a […]

Is your business secure against cyber attacks?

Cybersecurity is important for companies of all sizes. It is not just the large multi-national companies like Target and Home Depot who are have been in the news that are at risk for cyber attacks.  Some research indicates that as high as 50% of small and midsized businesses have had their networks invaded in the […]

Security Access – Is a wireless system best for you?

Security Access or controlling access to facilities is becoming increasingly more important, especially in light of regulations in certain industries (e.g. Healthcare, insurance, Banks, Airports, Hotels, Schools, Retailers) and violent events that have appeared in the news. Access control has had many improvements over the past few years and the advent of wireless technology has […]

Phone and Network Audits – reduce monthly costs & increase productivity

A Phone and Network audit can help reduce monthly expenses while also increasing productivity.   Phone systems, network technology, and carrier services have changed dramatically over the past 5 years, so any company that depends on phones and databases for communications with their customers could benefit from an audit of the data network, phone systems and […]

Reduce phone and data monthly costs.

If your company is spending a significant amount of money every month on phone and data usage, it would be a highly beneficial exercise to analyze your phone/data equipment, carrier services, and cloud/premise offerings to determine what is best for your business needs. Optimizing available cloud technology and assessing/comparing carrier offerings can result in considerable […]

Relocating Checklist

Global Link provides guidance to company staff members that are responsible for relocating offices, warehouses, factories and any company operation. The purpose of the list below is to focus attention on maintaining communication services during the move to avoid any business interruption and begin normal operations on the first day in the new venue.

Business Relocation

Business relocation can be hectic and stressful, especially when attempting to maintain normal business operations during the move. Whether you are expanding, downsizing or relocating for different purposes, any move creates a potential for business interruption especially in the internal and external communications of your business. The physical move of the business is also an […]

Remote Network Monitoring

Remote network monitoring can improve the productivity of your business and reduce operating costs.  Voice and data networks utilized on a daily basis are the lifeline of many businesses and require ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep the business running efficiently and effectively. As the complexity of computer technology and communication continues to increase, the […]

Cloud vs Premise: How to choose?

The choice between cloud and premise based voice and data solutions is not one that can be made properly without analyzing your current usage, anticipating future needs, exploring the available features, and the financial situation of your business. Cloud Based Systems Smaller companies likely will get more services with a cloud based system with clearly defined monthly costs. Generally […]

Financing Equipment

Financing equipment and applications can preserve capital for revenue generating business activities. Equipment is a depreciating asset so it may be better to lease your communication solution. If the solution reduces monthly communication expenses (e.g. telephone), this can help pay for the lease. Comparing Financing Equipment Options Interest Rate – The interest rate charged will greatly impact the monthly […]

Using IVR Without Annoying People

If your phones are frequently ringing during the day or you are getting many calls during off hours it may be time to automate customer interactions. If you do not have enough staff or knowledgeable personnel to handle the volume of phone calls your business is receiving, then utilizing an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system […]

SMS Texting

Mobile marketing is becoming a important component in the marketing mix for companies of all sizes. The ability to reach all of your customers instantly has to be appealing to any marketing or sales professional.

Short Message Service (SMS), a technology originated in the 1980’s, allowed mobile devices to transmit up to 160 characters to other mobile devices. The 160-character length was about the size of the then standard signaling format and was comparable in size to a typical post card communication…short and succinct.

Why Replace Your Phone System

Telephone technologies are constantly evolving bringing new resources to business operations. If you are considering upgrading to a new phone system, we have the rationale to help you make a complete business decision.

A new phone system will keep your business up to date with current trends and bring your employees the latest equipment and features to communicate with associates and customers. A phone system properly planned and installed can become an asset to your business and when combined with an updated phone service will often save enough money to pay for the new equipment. Let Global Link show you how to get the most out of your phone system. Here are the top ten reasons to consider upgrading to a new phone system.

Justify a New Phone System

Any new technology must deliver clear benefits in order to justify the investment. Determining if a new phone system is needed should be analyzed based upon the age of your current system, the existing features required, useful features that are missing along with the cost of a new system and its subsequent impact on productivity and operational costs.

Global Link has helped clients analyze their current phone system and justify a new purchase/installation by identifying opportunities to save money which in some cases paid for the cost of the new phone system.

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