Justify a New Phone System

Office Phone System 

Any new technology must deliver clear benefits in order to justify the investment and have a planned return on the investment (ROI).  The office phone system is the lifeline of linking your staff with your customers and also facilitates interoffice communications.

Although electronic communications (email, texting) play an important part in communication for your business, an effective and efficient Phone System can improve productivity and lower monthly phone services costs.  Investing in a new phone system can significantly impact your business, so the key will be in determining how to justify the expenditure.

Determining if your company can benefit from a new phone system and justify the upfront expenditure can be analyzed based upon:

  • Age of your current Phone system
  • Phone features required by your business
  • Useful phone features that are missing in your existing Phone System
  • Cost of a new Phone System
  • Increased productivity of the new system
  • Operational cost savings from the new system

Global Link has helped clients analyze their current phone system and justify a new purchase and installation that has resulted in lower monthly costs and increased staff productivity.  Global Link has identified opportunities that saved money and in some cases eventually paid for the cost of the new phone system.

The best way to begin is for Global Link to perform a phone and data audit.  Global Link understands the many different options available and utilizes current phone and data expenditures to explore and identify the best cost saving and improved productivity opportunities available for your business.

The Process

  • Review current carrier costs against alternate suppliers
  • Evaluate options to change from POTS lines to PRI
  • Evaluate replacing Standard Long Distance with SIP Trunks
  • Review the benefits of a VoIP / Cloud Based Phone System Solution
  • Evaluate the current cost of the legacy phone system versus the new System
  • Evaluate soft savings due to expanded business features including:
    • Improved productivity
    • better quality calls
    • improved up time
    • Disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Evaluate lease vs. buy options

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