Reduce phone and data monthly costs.

If your company is spending a significant amount of money every month on phone and data usage, it would be a highly beneficial exercise to analyze your phone/data equipment, carrier services, and cloud/premise offerings to determine what is best for your business needs.

Optimizing available cloud technology and assessing/comparing carrier offerings can result in considerable cost savings.  An audit and proper planning of your phone and data usage could make your staff more productive in their daily activities, while reducing operating expenses for these functions.

Communications technology is rapidly evolving as bandwidth increases, new methods are invented and integrated technologies are developed.  As an example, remote users can take advantage of cloud technology to enhance data management functions and technologies such a texting and IVR can improve “b to c” communications.

In order to determine what is best for your business, it is essential to:

  1. Review current equipment and servicesinventory equipment, identify services utilized and document the associated costs
  2. Analyze current voice and data needsidentify the communication needs for your current internal and external communications
  3. Project future demand introduce services that can enhance communications and improve productivity
  4. Review offerings from competing vendorsidentify new offerings that can improve communications and produce a positive ROI
  5. Conduct a cost/benefit analysis of cloud vs premise optionscreate a comparative analysis between cloud and premise based systems
  6. Select the best combination of equipment/servicesnegotiate and contract with vendors for the best services to match current and future needs
  7. Install new servicesPlan and implement a seamless transition with limited business interruption
  8. Train staff Review use of equipment, programs, and applications with staff for optimum daily use of features

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