Phone and Network Audits – reduce monthly costs & increase productivity

A Phone and Network audit can help reduce monthly expenses while also increasing productivity.   Phone systems, network technology, and carrier services have changed dramatically over the past 5 years, so any company that depends on phones and databases for communications with their customers could benefit from an audit of the data network, phone systems and carrier services. The emergence of cloud-based systems often expands the potential variables that can be considered in determining the most effective and efficient combination for your business.

Depending on how much you are spending on phone services and networking will help determine the potential savings, but phone and network audits have resulted in significant one-time and ongoing cost savings.  Additional savings can be realized by changes that increase productivity using only the available staffing resources.  Audits can uncover services being charged and not used, overpayments for services used, system reconfigurations resulting in increased efficiencies and alternative connectivity options.

A typical audit includes:

  • An inventory of all telephone and network equipment
  • Review and analysis of phone and data charges to identify billing errors
  • Identifying available features on current phone system and features utilized
  • Identifying phone lines being paid for that are not being used
  • Determination of current usage and business needs by your staff
  • Modeling outbound and inbound activity
  • Meeting with executives to determine future needs

At the conclusion of the audit you can expect:

  • A report on current phone/data expenses and existing phone equipment
  • An analysis of cloud, premise or hybrid system for your business needs
  • A plan to reconfigure your current system, if it will improve productivity and/or reduce costs
  • Recommendations on a replacement system if a reasonable ROI can be planned
  • Identification of the best connectivity vendor for your company needs
  • An expected cost savings and productivity improvement model from changes recommended
  • An analysis of purchase versus leasing for any new equipment/service needs
  • Installation of all equipment and configuration of software without business interruption
  • Training of staff for maximum efficiency of new systems communicating with customers

An audit is best conducted by an experienced and knowledgeable company or individual that is independent of the manufacturers or service providers.  This approach will allow all available options to be considered with an unbiased opinion and decision to be developed.

Global Link Communications provides a free, no obligation consultation to review your needs.  Contact, 800-494-LINKto explore how a phone and network audit can help reduce costs and increase efficiencies for your business.

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