1992 Technology

25th Anniversary

Technology in 1992

In 2017 Global Link Communications, Inc. will be celebrating 25 years of providing communications and technology business solutions to wide range of clients.  As new technologies have evolved, our founders and staff have always found ways to best integrate the latest technologies to link businesses with their customers.  Our goal has always been and continues today…increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

We do not know what the next 25 years will bring in technological advancement, but a look back at the available technology in 1992 will provide some idea what can happen in a relatively short period of time. We will continue to remain on the forefront of new technologies and how to best integrate the solutions into your business operations.


  • Microsoft Windows 3.1 released
  • John Scully first uses the term PDA describing the Apple Newton
  • IBM introduces ThinkPad – first notebook with a 10.4-inch color TFT display and TrackPoint


  • Fax technology was predominant electronic communications for businesses (email was not used until 1995)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) was starting to be used for call centers
  • Personal computer sends the first SMS text message to a phone
  • The first web browser was not released until 1993 – Mosaic (later Netscape)
  • Dial up internet service offered by Sprint
  • Google, Amazon, Ebay and Yahoo were not yet launched
  • America Online, Compuserve, & Prodigy do not start offering dial-up service until 1995


  • PBX with automated answering & voice mail is main phone system for business
  • Video telephones are released
  • 800#, payphones and calling cards are widely used for travel communications
  • 900 MHz was the only frequency allowed by the FCC for cordless phones

Mobile Phones

  • 2G (2nd generation) mobile phones are launched1992_phones
  • Calling plans had limited number of calls per month
  • Motorola introduced the first digital hand sized phone
  • Text messaging as a mobile phone feature is first introduced


  • VoIP would not start to be used until 1995
  • Computers were commonly “daisy-chained” together for shared usage
  • TCP/IP (Telephone Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is introduced
  • QLogicis founded to develop network servers and connectivity
  • TCP/IP(Internet) communication grows outside of academia and the military
  • ECP introduced by Microsoft and H-P to add an additional parallel port


  • Reusable Alkaline Battery is used commercially for the first time
  • ATM’s become universally commonplace in many countries, revolutionizing banking
  • CD sales surpassed audio cassette tapes for the first time
  • Photo CD launched by Kodak (video CD was not yet used)

Since 1992, Global Link has been on the forefront of communications technology and the management brings over 40 years of C-Level technology planning and strategic development to each and every project. For a free, no-obligation consultation on how your business can better communicate with and service your customers, contact sales@glci.net, 800-494-LINK.

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