Business Relocation

Business relocation can be hectic and stressful, especially when attempting to maintain normal business operations during the move. Whether you are expanding, downsizing or relocating for different purposes, any move creates a potential for business interruption especially in the internal and external communications of your business.

The physical move of the business is also an ideal to time to assess your current equipment, applications, services, and functioning of your voice, data, video, audio, and security systems to determine what is working effectively and efficiently and where improvement is needed.

The assessment and inventory should include all devices, systems, services, and infrastructure to determine what should be continued at the new location and what should be improved upon in the new facility.

Proper planning will identify your operational needs and determine the infrastructure, selection of equipment and services. Specific timelines and plans for the installation, changeover and staff training of the best communication solutions for your business will provide a smooth transition and improved operation at your new location.

Steps that need to be taken prior to the business relocation

  • Evaluate and audit current voice and data network and equipment
  • Plan voice, data, video, and audio usage capacity for the new facilities
  • Investigate premise versus cloud options for voice and data services
  • Design voice and data network for maximum performance and safety
  • Identify voice and data services based upon current needs
  • Determine your security needs
  • Identify audio and video needs for your current and future business functioning

Action to be taken at your new facilities during business relocation

  • Install voice and data cabling with CAT5, CAT6, Fiber or Coax options
  • Set-up wiring and equipment for video, audio, and security needs
  • Coordinate vendors selected for installation of services
  • Deploy equipment and services at new facilities
  • Test equipment and services once installed
  • Troubleshoot any problem areas with vendors, equipment or services
  • Train staff on proper use of equipment and services

What needs to be done at your existing facilities

  • Establish back-up and transitional services to avoid any downtime during move
  • Shut down and cancel communications equipment and services at existing facilities
  • Erase all data from equipment being discarded
  • Arrange for disposable of any obsolete equipment from old facilities

Global Link Communications can guide you through your office move and provide extensive relocation services for all of your data, voice, video, audio, and security needs. Global Link will identify the best communication solutions for your needs, establish new service and equipment, transfer appropriate equipment and services, provide transitional services, and disconnect and dispose of old equipment that is no longer needed.

Contact Global Link today 800-494-LINK for a Free assessment of relocation needs regarding your voice, data, audio, video and security functions.

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