How can you build a secure network?

Steps to building a secure network?

  1. The first step to build a secure network is to capture a complete picture of the IT environment including all internal and external assets and vendor relationships. Every server, database, network device, application, and website (both in-house and cloud-based) needs to be included in the inventory. The exclusion of just one device would create a risk and potential weakness for the entire network.
  1. Establish a baseline for all assets including configuration details that can be tracked at regular intervals to determine trends and identify abnormalities that need to be addressed.
  1. Validate the system by testing the functioning at various points to determine if it matches the security standards and expectation for the network operations. The testing also provides metrics that can be used for decision making (now and in the future) on IT operational expenditures based upon risk assessment and tolerance.
  1. Launch and track the system to match the expectations of management with confidence that you are doing everything that is reasonable to address currently known cyber threats. There are always new threats developing that monitoring is designed to identify at the earliest moment possible. No level of monitoring can prevent new threats from attacking a network, but recognizing the intrusion allows early intervention to limit potential damage.
  1. Proactive steps such as applying antivirus applications, software patches and updates on a timely basis remain a valuable activity in maximizing uptime for a network and limiting any business interruption. Monitoring devices 24/7 looking for abnormalities can also contribute to the smooth operations and the identifying of issues before they become major problems.
  1. Addressing cyber security at all levels of an organization helps identify potential risks and allows the introduction of the proper level of IT management that matches the corporate goals.
  1. Identifying, planning and executing a comprehensive cybersecurity approach to IT network, equipment and systems will help to mitigate risks and provide insight into future irregularities and attacks. Although there is no way to completely eliminate cyber attacks, properly applied IT planning and monitoring can limit the risk, improve reliability, and allow preventative activities to protect the company and customers while delivering a secure and reliable service.

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