Remote Network Monitoring

Remote network monitoring can improve the productivity of your business and reduce operating costs.  Voice and data networks utilized on a daily basis are the lifeline of many businesses and require ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep the business running efficiently and effectively.

As the complexity of computer technology and communication continues to increase, the importance of monitoring local and inter-connected networks emerges as a way to increase security, reliability and performance of the networks.

Proper planning of the network can avoid problems and also identify the information flow to fix potential problems before they occur. Remote network monitoring generates a complete inventory of connected devices and along with a mapped plan for ongoing inquiries, testing, and observation to avoid problems and eliminate or reduce any downtime.

Remote network monitoring using customized alerts will allow network/device issues to be repaired prior to problems being encountered by your staff or consumers. For a fixed fee, remote network monitoring allows professional level planning, control, and repairs to reduce downtime and improve productivity without the need for full time IT personnel.

Remote device monitoring can accomplish many benefits for your business including:

  • Email tune-ups
  • Server reconciliation and maintenance
  • Device allocation and preservation
  • Automated application and document backup
  • Low disk space notification and services/disk memory cleaning
  • Virus detection/prevention
  • Adding Software patches

Communication enhancements raises complexity

Communication service providers are continuously advancing their offering to enhance business functioning. The communication enhancements offered by service providers raises the complexity of networks and increases potential risks for your company. Personalized maintenance and monitoring requires focus, attention, and reliability to deliver proper functioning of the network and all connected devices.

In order to maintain continuous optimal functioning, remote monitoring probes the network for abnormalities and provides alerts when any potential problems occur. An IT professional who receives the alert can take the necessary corrective action before the issue can damage the network, infiltrate databases, or harm servers and/or individual devices.

Properly established and developed, remote network monitoring does not wait for alerts, but develops trends in the health of the network to maintain an approach that encourages proper architecture that avoids network problems, especially when new technologies are added to the network.

What are the benefits of remote network monitoring?

Optimizing network availability and performance

Allows one point on the network to reach another point within the IP infrastructure. Remote monitoring of the information flow can protect your data from external threats as well as breakdowns in hardware and software. In addition, if you are using cloud-based systems it is also important that you are fulfilling Service Level Agreements (SLA) requirements that are included in cloud solution agreements.

Remote network management can proactively and automatically gather data about the network and manage information about problems before someone else reports the issue. Network performance is analyzed in real time looking for abnormalities that can be repaired before they cause a problem.

Lower expenses

As the number of IP-enabled endpoints such as mobile and wireless devices starts to dominate traffic, IT professionals must inventory devices and analyze the network infrastructure to safely manage the wired and wireless access to control costs. Network monitoring allows proper planning to match software capabilities, adjust network access levels and optimize all IT assets. Monitoring the network will also assist in determining when an upgrade would be cost effective and improve productivity.

Meet Compliance Guidelines

Network operators can no longer worry exclusively about SLAs and customers. They must also be aware and address regulatory requirements that are prevalent in certain industries (e.g. healthcare and insurance) to meet compliance requirements and secure data. Data moving between locations can be protected with a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) that can be monitored to recognize any potential threats and repair breakdowns before they can become a problem.

Effective change management

Network management can establish network performance standards which can be referred to should any new configuration be introduced for specific applications.   Often it is useful to have records of past network configurations in case something needs to be reverted. Remote network management enables efficient change management so that users can establish solid standards for performance.

Performance Reporting

Maintaining a healthy network and applying remote network monitoring will allow compliance reporting with a vendor neutral approach that can be automated to the needs of the industry. The performance reporting is generated by:

  • Identifying all IP-enabled devices
  • Compiling operational statistics (response time, packet loss and device specific functionality)
  • Creating various maps (geographic, physical and hierarchical), background images and icon
  • Utilizing probes to monitor all devices
  • Establishing custom polling intervals for data desired
  • Obtaining network infrastructure metrics to meet SLA and compliance needs
  • Building custom alerts that identify important failures

Any company that has an internal network, multiple locations and many users conducting internal and external communications can benefit from a proactive plan to protect the system, equipment, applications, databases, and sensitive information. Remote network monitoring can bring enhanced information security, increased productivity and cost efficiencies to a business operation without the need for full time internal IT professional.

Contact Global Link today 800-494-LINK for a Free assessment of your network and a plan on how Global Link can provide complete remote network/device monitoring at a fixed monthly rate. Without adding staff, you will have top IT professionals supervising your network, repairing any breakdowns and allowing you and your staff to focus on revenue-generating activities.



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