Security Access – Is a wireless system best for you?

Security Access or controlling access to facilities is becoming increasingly more important, especially in light of regulations in certain industries (e.g. Healthcare, insurance, Banks, Airports, Hotels, Schools, Retailers) and violent events that have appeared in the news.

Access control has had many improvements over the past few years and the advent of wireless technology has made the installation and functioning of controlling the access to a facility easier and more affordable.

There are a several ways to secure any building, office, laboratory, warehouse, factory, or any area that requires limited entry.  Access to secure areas can be controlled using keypads, key cards, key fobs, PINs, passwords, and biometrics.

In addition to the entry format, there are many manufacturers, installation techniques, and monitoring procedures that must be addressed in selecting the best access control system for your business needs. It is important to understand your critical business needs, who will be granted access, and how it will be monitored before making the purchase decision on your access control hardware.

Security Access Benefits

The improvement in wireless and cloud-based systems provide a wide range of options for the selection of the best Security Access for your business.  Some of the benefits of wireless access include:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

    Wireless access control eliminates much of the wiring that can become costly, especially in established buildings. Integrating access control solutions that are battery operated, are controlled by software and Web-based platforms provide flexibility, scalability and overall lower total cost of operations.

  2. Ease of Installation

    Wireless access can be easily installed in new or existing buildings where wiring or cabling can be challenging. Since cabling between locations and a base is not needed, wireless access control system installation limits operational interruptions and can be completed in less time, material and labor. The needed power can be generated from either a battery or other available sources such as lighting, Ethernet, or nearby electrical cabling.

  3. Remote Coverage

    If there is a need to secure a widespread operation or multiple facilities in different geographic locations, wireless access security can provide a single solution that can be monitored and controlled at a remote location.

  4. Optionality

    Wireless access control systems can be configured to the needs of the user. Networked wireless access control systems allow users to collect information from access panels, generate alerts when irregularities occur and are able to communicate with a central computer based wired network.  Wireless Access control systems can also be connected to Wi-Fi networks and have the ability to operate as a standalone system should the network connection ever be lost. Standalone wireless access control systems, although able to store transactions similar to networked wireless access control, are unable to communicate with remote panels.

  1. Loss Control

    Many organizations face the problem that people will lose their key fob and/or cards. Wireless access control solutions provide the function to easily delete a card or fob from the system through the network to prevent further access from that card or key fob.

Next Steps

In order to integrate security access into your business, the first step is to identify your specific security needs to the match threats and risks as well as the number of users that will be accessing the facilities.  Matching your particular needs with the benefits of various security systems will help narrow down the best option for your business.

Global Link can assess your security needs and guide you through the process of analyzing the myriad of Security Access options to select the best match to your business.  Global Link can also expertly install the selected system and train your personnel on the proper operation and maintenance of any equipment or programs.

For a free consultation to determine your Security Access needs and explore the benefits of a wired versus a wireless system contact Global Link, 800-494-LINK.


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