Why Replace Your Phone System

Top Ten Reasons to Consider A New Phone System

Telephone technologies are constantly evolving bringing new resources to business operations. If you are considering upgrading to a new phone system, we have the rationale to help you make a complete business decision.

A new phone system will keep your business up to date with current trends and bring your employees the latest equipment and features to communicate with associates and customers. A phone system properly planned and installed can become an asset to your business and when combined with an updated phone service will often save enough money to pay for the new equipment.   Let Global Link show you how to get the most out of your phone system. Here are the top ten reasons to consider upgrading to a new phone system.

  1. Your Phone System Is No Longer Supported – The phone manufacturer may no longer provide support for the system because it is an outdated model. There may be parts that have become unavailable and technical support does not exist because of the age of the equipment.
  2. Phone System Lacks The Advanced Features You Now Need – Your current phone system may not provide additional services including voicemail to email or multi-tier routing.
  3. Cannot Integrate With Other System You Are Using – The current phone system may not be able to integrate with your CRM software or other new business development programs.
  4. Cannot Be Expanded To Meet The Number of Users – You may have a limited amount of user space on your network.
  5. You Cannot Link Multi-Sites – You may have expanded beyond the equipment capabilities
  6. Cannot Accommodate Current Carrier Technology – Older phone systems may not integrate with VoIP technology 
  7. Limited Business Collaboration – Some phone systems do not have the ability to integrate with desktop or mobile devices. They also may be unable to utilize such features as video conferencing, instant messaging and mobility all on one uniform platform.
  8. Does Not Support Telecommuting – Older systems did not have the need to integrate remote users
  9. You Cannot Make Simple Moves, Adds or Changes Yourself – Newer phone systems allow for users to make changes at the touch of a button, saving technician costs.
  10. You Cannot Make Advanced Changes Remotely – With access to your phone system from any device, you can make changes from around the world, saving you time and money. (Technicians can make changes remotely)


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