Voice Assessment

Companies exploring voice assessment can realize significant ongoing savings.  Since there are many components of a phone system including hardware, software and connectivity services, Global Link often performs assessment of phone systems to determine the effectiveness and efficiency. In many cases, improper service provider charges and unused features are identified that result in both an immediate recapture of fees and reduced future costs.

The assessment can also uncover features and functions of the phone system that will prove beneficial to the operational needs of the company.  It is also beneficial to conduct a network audit at the same time as technology advancements have closely aligned voice and data solutions.

A reconfiguration of the phone system to maximize the productivity at the best price will likely reduce staff involvement and annual costs.  Any company that is evaluating expenses in search of ongoing cost savings can benefit from a phone network audit.

Global Link has over 25 years of communication experience working with companies of all sizes.  Past audits have saved millions of dollars for our clients and the objective of the Global Link audit is to improve productivity and reduce monthly expenses.

Global Link Audit includes:

  • Inventory of all telephone and network equipment
  • Review and analysis of phone and data charges and identifying billing errors
  • Identifying available features on current phone system and features utilized
  • Identifying phone lines being paid for that are not being used
  • Determination of current usage and business needs by staff
  • Modeling outbound and inbound activity
  • Meeting with executives to determine future needs

Following the audit and assessment, Global Link Executives will…

  • Report on current phone/data expenses and existing phone equipment
  • Provide an analysis of cloud, premise or hybrid system for business needs
  • Reconfigure current system, if it will improve productivity and/or reduce costs
  • Recommend a replacement system if a reasonable ROI can be planned
  • Identify the best connectivity vendor for company needs
  • Build an expected cost savings and productivity improvement model from changes made to system
  • Provide an analysis of purchase versus leasing any equipment needs
  • Install all equipment and configure software without business interruption
  • Train staff for maximum efficiency of new systems communicating with customers

Global Link Audit determines the best match phone system and connectivity for each business without prejudice toward any one approach:

  • Relationships with all equipment manufacturers
  • Knowledge of all carrier choices

Global Link provides a free, no obligation consultation to review your needs! Contact Robert Sidky rsidky@glci.net for more information.


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