Video and Audio Solutions

Audio/Video Solutions

Global Link provides planning, equipment selection, installation and training for audio and video solutions in a business environment.

A/V Integration
The use of audio and video in daily business operations, including presentations, meetings and internal communications can enhance your business capabilities and Global Link can provide whatever multimedia solution your business requires. Learn more

Background Music
Background music can be utilized in public spaces to establish a mood and can also deliver a promotional message within the music to highlight a specific product or service.  Global Link can work with you to integrate the music and announcement operations into your premise or cloud based system. Learn more

PA Announcements
Public spaces such as retail locations, hotels, hospitals, transportation centers, and schools often need to make announcements to control crowds, control movement, or contact a specific individual. Global Link understands the importance of appropriate equipment and placement of speakers to provide the clearest possible communication for public address announcements. Learn more

Paging in a physical facility that has a large footprint is often the most effective way to contact a particular individual or communicate an important event/occurrence. Global Link understands the intricacies of installing a paging system based upon the business environment and the everyday usage. Learn more

Security Access
Global Link can design and install secure access to your facilities using the latest technologies to comply to safety and privacy concerns and regulations. Learn more

Video Monitoring
Global Link can plan and integrate video surveillance and monitoring to provide security and control while allowing live viewing for immediate action.  Video surveillance and recording can also be used go back in time and document details of any particular incident. Learn more

Video Conferencing
Global Link can develop video conferencing capabilities to match your anticipated usage and allow live interaction between parties regardless of the distance or location. Learn more

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