Unified Communications

About Unified Communications

Unified Communications refers to a series of voice and data communication services that can greatly benefit internal communications and the ability for your employees to reach your customers. Global Link can integrate unified communications into your internal network, or external services can be coordinated with your on premise equipment for a seamless service.

Some of the Unified Communications options include:


Short Message Service (SMS) allows a valuable texting service that provides many marketing, sales and public relations opportunities. SMS maintains ongoing communications with your database of customers in a format that is popular and immediate. Global Link can plan, integrate, train and maintain an SMS solution that is either premise or cloud based.


Global Link can plan, develop and train your staff on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to take advantages of the many advantages over analog phone service. Global Link can design and implement VoIP to replace wired phones and allow greater flexibility and functionality in your phone system. Some of the benefits of VoIP include virtual and telecommuting and inter-site networking.


Global Link develops and integrates unified communications technologies (hardware and software) to solve the internal and external contacts within a company both onsite and outside of the office including:

• Voice Messaging including fixed, mobile, and soft phones, speech access and message to text.
• Instant Messaging allows instant contact with individuals or groups both inside and outside of the user network.
• Chat allows a public and private chat room. Invite people in and exchange Instant Image Messages with multiple people simultaneously.
Presence allows user to easily check the status of a contact and determine the best way of contacting them.


Mobility allows your staff to have instant access to all settings, data and applications wherever they are conducting business. Mobility provides the opportunity for your staff to have full mobility when traveling, at home or at a client’s location. The increasing usage of cloud computing, extensive data management and social media applications creates a challenge for mobility and Global Link can seamlessly prepare your business to accommodate mobile usage that functions as effectively as internal communications.

Mobility also addresses the increasing demand to allow visitors to access the Internet within your facilities without impacting your secure data network. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) demands that your network have various levels of access and security within your network and Global Link can make BYOD a standard operating component of your communications infrastructure.

Desktop Clients

Global Link can program your desktop computers to create soft phone applications to provide the functionality that matches the needs of your business environment.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can be programmed with visual voicemail, instant messaging, and network access to allow IP usage for greater functionality at lower costs.


Virtualization brings flexibility and agility to your business. Global Link consultants will work with you to develop a plan for basic virtualization to a fully functioning private cloud.


Fax functionality continues to be a necessary technology in many industries and server based fax solutions can significantly reduce your faxing costs.

Global Link can customize the development of mobility for your environment including application virtualization, mobile collaboration, security, auditing, VPN, and wireless technologies.

Contact Centers can utilize mobility to increase efficiency by allowing you to:

  • Remote Access

    Gain remote access to the information that you need while interacting with the workforce.

  • Email

    Email communications, including speech to text can be utilized seamlessly regardless of location.

  • Communicate

    Communicate with customers as if you were in the office

  • Access Information

    Access information to allow customer support work while not in the office

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce costs by linking mobile cellular phones to IP network

  • Track Mobile Usage

    Track mobile usage on your network to allow billing as if in the office

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