T1 services offer high bandwidth via a dedicated digital connection with robust Quality of Service capabilities in a variety of formats, especially compared to cable internet options.  T1 can carry data at 1.5 Mbps (both upload and download).

T1 lines can be leased to work over copper or fiber optic cables connecting directly to your router with 24 channels.  Each channel has a maximum speed of 64Kbs.

T1 Internet usually carries an SLA  (service level agreement) that guarantees 99.9% performance levels while also having a dedicated line to the internet and is not sharing bandwidth with other users.

T1 is also available wherever traditional phone service is available and offers fast upload speeds and can manage uploading of large files.  If your business frequently needs to upload large file sizes then a T1 should be considered. T1 also generally offers high speed internet connections for multiple computers simultaneously accessing the internet.

Another advantage is the stability of T1 service compared to the loss of service that traditionally occurs during storms impacting cable connections.

Global Link can help you decide if the advantages of T1 service would serve the needs of your business compared to cable and other access methods for phone and internet connections. Contact Global Link at sales@glcit.net 800-494-LINK.

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