Global Link Services

Application Development
Global Link works with you to modify and adapt off-the-shelf solutions and integrate the application into the daily operations of your business. Learn more

Computer Design and Management
Global Link designs and manages all aspects of your computer systems and IT network, including infrastructure cabling, desktop configuration and network management. Learn more

Consulting and Project Management 
Global Link executives have extensive technology knowledge and experience that we bring to every client project. Each assignment is met with a dedicated commitment and pragmatic approach that makes every solution unique to the challenge being presented.  Solutions are on-time and under budget by effectively managing people, dates, deadlines, deliverables and expectations for all communication projects. Learn More

Data Assessment and Audit
Global Link performs data network audits and assessment to determine the costs, effectiveness and efficiency matched to the current business needs. Global Link represents clients (not vendors) in determining the best product and service solutions for measurable business results. Learn more

Infrastructure and Cabling
Proper design and installation of cabling and hardware can result in increased productivity and lower technology costs on an annual basis. Lack of planning, poor design and improper cabling of voice, data, video and audio functions can result in lost staff time, poor customer service and ongoing expenses. Learn more 

Monitoring and Support Services 
Global Link provides the appropriate level of support to keep your data networks operating properly and your business functioning optimally. We also provide ongoing support, maintenance and 24/7 emergency service to ensure smooth operation with limited down time. Learn more

Network Assessment
Global Link assesses your network to determine the current productivity and identify changes to improve functioning, while saving money on your annual network expenses. Global Link can plan, build out, and properly configure a new infrastructure to accommodate any application, equipment, and network to function at optimum levels. Learn more

Network Design and Management
Global Link will design your network to ensure it is available, scalable and ready to take on your mission critical business requirements.  We can establish maintenance schedules (onsite and remotely) as well as updates, adjustments and replacements to keep your network operating efficiently and effectively. Learn more

Phone Carrier Services 
Global Link manages the entire process of identifying, negotiating and selecting the best carrier (from over 40 choices) for you with a vendor neutral approach to streamline services and reduce costs. The available phone services include Ethernet, Business Class Cable (Internet, Phone, TV), SIP Trunking, T1, Audio & Web Conferencing (AWC) and traditional Analog. Learn more

Phone Assessment and Audit
Global Link performs audits and assessment of phone systems and networks to determine the effectiveness and efficiency as it pertains to a specific business environment.  Learn more

Scope of Projects
Global Link guides you through communications projects to discover a solution that will help improve productivity and reduce costs…on time and within budget parameters. Global Link is singularly focused on what solution will work best for you and not “pushing” any one product or service. Our past experience in a wide variety of industries and our full service abilities to plan, install on a timely basis ensure your communication solution will significantly benefit your business. Learn more

Global Link guides you through the process of selecting and implementing appropriate security measures to protect your data against failures and malicious activity. Learn more

Technology Relocation
Global Link has a dedicated team of relocation experts to manage all aspects of your technology relocation. Without proper planning there is a significant risk that your business operations could be interrupted during the relocation. Global Link specializes in vendor management offering a proven project management of technology relocation that allows one point of contact to coordinate all of your technology needs. Learn more


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