Oyster Audio Products

Since 1988 Oyster has been producing premium speaker systems that have been sold in Italy and throughout Europe. In 1999, Oyster developed the first flat panel speaker using the Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology in part to solve a installation problem for aesthetics at a church and for sound clarity in public address settings at the Rome Termini train station and the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport.

Over time, a series of flat panel DML products have been developed by a team of Oyster engineers to address varied sound installations for business, industrial, home, recreational enjoyment of music and announcements.

Oyster products are now available in North America through Global Link Communications to address the multiple applications for music, classroom environments, public address announcements.

Currently, the Oyster product line includes:

SIGN Series (SIGN) panels – Oyster has installed SIGN panels in walls, ceilings, furniture, art frames, signs, showers, swimming pools, boats, and cars. The SIGN panel is designed to be covered by a thin layer of drywall, stucco, plastic, wood, plexigalss, cardboard, fabric, and canvass to conceal the actual speaker and create sound that can be heard but not seen.  The DML technology can uniquely project music and spoken words clearly and consistently through many surfaces without the need for a screen required by traditional speakers.

Sound Tile (CP) panels – Oyster has developed a series of CP panels to fit into a variety of environments such as drop ceilings that blends into the environment and produce clear and consistent sound that can be used in educational, transportation, hospitality, retail installations to provide background music, pa announcements, and projection of sound to large, assembled audiences.

Global Link Communications carries a complete line of Oyster speakers that are designed in Italy and made in the U.S.A. All products are shipped and serviced from our U.S. warehouse and installation can be arranged for interested consumers. The technical staff of Global Link can work with Oyster Italian engineers and designers to develop customized speakers using the DML technology that can be seen but not heard.

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