Network Design

Network Design Maintenance and Security

Your data will always be at risk of becoming compromised and needs to be protected against network failure and malicious activity. Carefully selecting a security solution that can adapt to new threats that emerge is essential to adequately protect your sensitive data.

Global Link can guide you through the process of selecting and implementing appropriate security measures to protect your data. We offer a variety of options to protect your valuable business information that can be designed into your data network.

As a complete service provider, Global Link can also design and manage all aspects of your computer systems and IT network, including infrastructure cabling, desktop configuration and network management.  Our experienced staff will ensure your network is well managed with virus and malware control, firewall protection, as well as system backup and disaster recovery.  Global Link will design your network to ensure it is available, scalable and ready to take on your mission critical business requirements.

Once your network is secure and properly configured, Global Link can set up maintenance schedules and perform all necessary software patches, software updates, equipment adjustments, new software installations, security and desktop support to keep all of your staff focused on revenue generating functions.

Eliminating down time and increasing productivity at a fixed cost is a way that you can gain control of your communications expenditures. Global Link’s skilled technicians can perform most maintenance functions remotely, which further reduces any disruption to your daily operations. If you prefer, our maintenance and repair work including 24/7 emergency service can be performed on an as needed basis.

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