What are some of the obstacles to relocating my voice and data systems?

When relocating your office it is an ideal time to conduct a communications audit to determine your current needs in both equipment and services. Global Link can help you assess your needs versus the best match of equipment and service providers. In your new location you should build in flexibility for expansion. After the new facility is prepared, it is vital to address the actual move and avoid any downtime for the critical communications that greatly influence your business. Your business does not have to stop during the move and Global Link can plan and manage all aspects of the move including shut down of your old office system, temporary and back up services during the transition and launching your new voice and data systems whether they are cloud of premise based. Global Link works with all services providers to ensure uninterrupted communications during the entire process.

How can IVR help my business?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been utilized for many years, however the many benefits to your business operations may have not been fully utilized. IVR can assist in reducing staff expenses and with proper planning allow you to achieve measurable business results. Global Link can work with you to select, install, train, launch, and maintain a premise or cloud based IVR solution that can interact with customers and also manage several office operations.

How can text messaging be used for my business?

Text messaging has rapidly become a preferred method of communication for many people. There are currently many premise and cloud based texting solutions that can assist you in marketing your business to your target audience. Building an effective database will be at the core of an effective SMS text message campaign. There are many benefits of text messaging as a communication solution include immediacy of the communication, mobility in reaching the target audience, concise message communication, tracking the message, personalization to the target audience, and a cost effective communication.  Global Link can guide you through the entire process of building and integrating your customer database with the best SMS solutions for your business.

How can existing software solutions work in my business?

Most software solutions are built for a general purpose, but it may not apply to your specific needs. Rather than design your own solution, Global Link can modify and adapt off the shelf software to achieve your business objectives at a more affordable cost. Global Link is extremely knowledgeable on the many available cloud and premise based software solutions and our years of experience in customizing software applications can be applied to your specific business needs. Global Link is not interested in selling you a specific hardware or software product, our goal is to identify your needs and develop the best, most cost effective and productive communication solution for your needs.

How does changing technology affect Contact Center operations?

Whether you are running a standalone Contact Center where you serve the customer interactions for multiple companies or you are responsible for the customer interactions and communications for your company, integrating the latest technology is essential to providing the best customer experience. Rapidly evolving technology that is converging on integrated voice and data solutions makes it essential for you to be constantly evaluating the best way for your company to improve the communications with your current and potential consumers. Two-way communication solutions are the ideal way to develop a loyal customer base and Global Link can help you decide the best choices in both voice and data options that are available on the market. Contact Centers can be one of the most critical areas of your company in developing a strong relationship with your product or service. Global Link can help you decide on the best solutions, install in the most efficient manner and train your staff on the functioning of the solution. Your staff can concentrate on understanding your consumer and providing the best possible service without being concerned with the operation of the technology driving their communications.

Should I choose premise based or cloud solutions?

When analyzing whether to select a premise or cloud based solution for your business you need to determine the offering from the cloud base solution provider and how it fits with your existing structure. It is often best to have the total solution within your direct control, but the on premise option requires a larger up front expenditure and ongoing maintenance to keep it running efficiently. The monthly cost of a cloud-based system will likely be higher and the risk to your data must be mitigated, but the solution will have a fixed cost without any equipment maintenance.  Many current solutions may require ongoing research and development and runs the risk of becoming obsolete.  With a cloud based system, you can switch to a new technology without concern for equipment or software development expenses.  Global Link understands the value of both cloud and premise based solutions and can help you navigate the best path for your specific communications needs.

Why can’t my electrician wire and install my voice and data network?

The cabling and connectivity of a voice and data network varies greatly from traditional electrical wiring and when properly installed will result in maximized efficiency and productivity, while reducing connectivity problems and costly repairs. Installing voice and data cable requires advanced planning that considers the location of equipment and communication services to be integrated into your business environment. Improper cabling and connection to devices (including wireless devices) requires specialized training and certifications to assure the proper protocols and procedures are utilized. Global Link can effectively plan your voice and data installations and our technicians have the experience and capabilities to optimize your installation.

How can video installations benefit my business?

Global Link can identify and install video installations that give you more control over your facilities and the customer/staff experience. Video monitoring can provide a measure of security by allowing you to observe the business environment and operation regardless of your location or time of day or night. Video monitoring also provides the opportunity to improve safety conditions and capture past events if an accident or theft occurs. Video conferencing is the next best approach to in-person meetings and allows you to have live personal communication with anyone, anywhere.  Video conferencing can in many cases eliminate the need to travel and reduce the time and money spent on meetings. Let Global Link demonstrate the many ways that video can assist you in improving how you do business.

Should I be using Category 6 cabling?

Category 6 (CAT 6) is the next generation in cabling and will likely become the standard in the future. If you are building a new site or relocating then an investment in CAT 6 would be a wise upgrade. The cost is about higher but the capabilities and capacity will allow many communications improvements in the future. Global Link can plan, install, and maintain a safe, secure, efficient and effective cabling solution that meets your current needs and is prepared for plug and play future upgrades.

What are the important aspects of network management?

Your communications network is the lifeline for your company and is often taken for granted during daily operations. A great deal of work needs to go into planning, altering and maintaining a voice and data network and often does not get any attention until a problem develops. Unfortunately, breakdowns often occur at the most inopportune time for your business and disrupts productivity, customer service and employee routines. Global Link can assess your voice and data network and recommend ways to redesign and conduct periodic maintenance to reduce the risk of failure. We can also introduce measures to protect your critical data and provide backup for operating during failures, especially problems that are inevitable and beyond your control (e.g. power outage). If your company data and the ability to communicate with your customers are critical to the operation of your business, Global Link can help you become prepared for the unexpected and gain confidence in your network.

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