Data Assessment and Audit

Data Decision Making

Since there are many components in your data network including decisions on cloud versus premise hosting, Global Link can perform an audit and assessment of your data network to determine the costs, effectiveness and efficiency matched to the current needs of your business. The assessment can also include a complete reconfiguration of the network to maximize productivity and also integrate new solutions that better match your needs.

We will work with you to determine your needs and recommend programs and providers that offer the best solution for your company. We do not push any specific brand, but we are very familiar with all available technology products to know which would work best for you. Our goal is to get the best combination of products and services and then personalize them to your company.

Any company that is evaluating expenses in search of ongoing cost savings can benefit from a network audit.

Global Link can plan, build out, and properly configure a new infrastructure to accommodate any application, equipment, and network to function at optimum levels.

We offer the following services:

Asset Discovery – Collect details of all devices on your network

Inventory – Manage asset information (e.g. license key, warranty, installed applications)

Monitoring – Predictive monitoring and alerting, active issue dialogues, dashboards

Automation Manager – Automatically launch policies when a problem is detected

Anti-Malware – Scan, detect, destroy and prevent malware

Anti-Virus – Scan, detect, destroy and protect workstations and servers

Audit – Perform vulnerability, configuration and compliance audit scans and reports

Backup – Install local and remote backups and replication

Remote Access/Control – Remote control any device at any time

Help Desk and Ticketing – Advance problem ticket management

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