Cloud or Premise

Cloud or Premise Based

Your voice or data network can be premise or cloud based, with advantages to each approach. Similar to leasing or buying a vehicle, the decision to have your voice or data network based on your premises or in an off site location should be evaluated to determine which solution is best for your business. Global Link can review your options and help you to evaluate the benefits of each approach as it pertains to your business needs.

Global Link offers a complete portfolio of cloud communications solutions for your business. We deliver flexibility, reliability and scale by planning, designing, implementing and operating either a pure cloud or hybrid communications solutions. Global Link can help you develop a flexible cloud communications strategy that meets your needs and allows you to benefit from new features within a responsive architecture.

Global Link will help you select the right premise based voice or data system for you to increase usability and feature integration under the current technology environment. From VoIP, Hybrid or digital deployments, Global Link can find the right solution for your business needs. Premise based solutions can support 2,000-5,000 users and offers a high degree of internal control over the infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Benefits and Risks

Cloud computing offers Internet based services for voice and data solutions that are located off premises and does not require an investment in the required equipment. In effect, you are “renting” the service and can upgrade or downgrade the level of activity to match your business needs.

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Cost Efficiency – There is minimal or no capital outlay.  The cloud model is basically pay as you go.  Maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
  • Scalability – The cloud offers almost unlimited storage capacity that you can access as your needs increase without investing in new infrastructure or licensing new software.
  • Backup & Recovery – since all your data is stored in the cloud, backup becomes simpler
  • Disaster Recovery – many cloud computing service providers offer multi-site capability which provides a backup should the primary site go down
  • Availability – access is available anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Cloud Computing Risks

  • Security – When you chose to move to the cloud, you are entrusting a third party with your data.  You must select the most reliable service provider who will keep your information totally secure and provide the utmost protection against hackers and cyber-attacks. Global Link can integrate a Cloud Computing partner and develop safeguards for your valuable data.
  • Technical Issues – You will need a very good Internet connection to be logged onto the off-premise server at all times. There may also be connectivity issues that can cause breakdown in functioning of your Cloud Computing solution and Global Link can analyze your traffic and recommend options to ensure your optimal service level.

Can your Business benefit from Cloud Computing?

The answer may be yes, if you answer yes to one or more of these questions:  

  • Do I need to add capacity for growth?
  • Do I need to replace end of life equipment?
  • Do we need remote access to our applications and data?
  • Do I need a disaster recovery or business continuity plan?
  • Do I lack the resources to perform ongoing maintenance?
  • Do I have a limited capital budget?
  • Do I experience seasonal or sporadic increases in volumes?

Premise Based Computing Benefits

  • Self Control – By installing your own equipment and configuring to match your needs the premise based system is under your direct control for customization and changes to match your business needs.
  • Carrier Flexibility – A premise based system allows you to identify and select the carrier that fit your operational needs and allows you the freedom to negotiate the best price for the service.
  • Security – Having the equipment within your direct control allows you to provide the appropriate level of your data without entrusting to a third party.
  • Asset Depreciation – The initial purchase of the equipment in a premise based system contributes to the assets of your company and provides the opportunity to depreciate the asset for tax purposes.
  • Leasing Option – Most premise based systems can be leased (with an option to purchase) to reduce the initial expenditure and spread the cost over several years to conserve capital and treat the investment as a monthly operating cost.
  • Lower Operating Costs – In many cases, once the equipment investment is made there can be reduced monthly operating costs compared to a cloud based system.
  • Additional Features – Having the equipment on site within your full control allows for full access to all of the features that the equipment provides to customize to your business needs.  In some instances, a cloud based system may only offer limited features with a focus on the most popular.

Premise Based Computing Risks

  • Initial Cost – The equipment must be purchased or leased and requires an initial capital expenditure or a commitment for lease payments.
  • Obsolescence – Technology is rapidly changing and the equipment that you purchase will likely have a useful lifespan before the technology and features become obsolete.
  • Responsibility – The control over the equipment requires that you maintain and repair any malfunction and implement any manufacturer updates.  In many cases a cloud based system will have superior protection, redundancy and data recovery since they are focused exclusively on the solution.
  • Staffing – The responsibility for the equipment and operations will require dedicated qualified staff members to complete the necessary tasks or contracting a 3rd party to conduct on your behalf.

Global Link can install, customize, and train your staff on a premise based system or review the complete portfolio of cloud communications solutions for your business. If you decide that a cloud based system is best for your business, we deliver flexibility, reliability and scale through the planning, design, and implementation of hybrid or pure cloud communications solutions, utilizing various hosting providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.).

Our engineers can design and install a complete premise based system or help you to develop or rework a cloud communications strategy that meets your needs and allows you to reap the benefits of new features, a responsive architecture and flexible cost-structure.

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